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Stress is a universal experience, that impacts our minds, bodies, and emotions in numerous ways. While a certain level of stress can be motivating, chronic or overwhelming stress can significantly hinder our well-being.

Taking proactive steps toward stress management can empower you to navigate life’s challenges with greater resilience and calm.

Join us for an immersive stress management workshop designed to equip you with practical strategies to navigate life’s challenges with ease and resilience.


  • Most common causes of stress
  • How to Identify Your Stressors
  • How to manage Your Response to Stress
Mind in shape Mastering Stress Workshop

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About Nora

I am passionate about the physical and psychological aspects of a human being. They are closely related and it is important to look after ourselves as a whole. I am able to help you to achieve your fitness or mental well-being goals – Working together we can make positive changes in your daily life.