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Personal Training

Want to feel happy in your skin (again)? Look no further. I offer tailored personal training at Inspire Fitness Centre in Gerrards Cross Buckhinghamshire, whether it’s high intensity or modorate, sessions are designed for your fitness goals. I specialise in strength training and conditioning, muscle gain and toning, along with stretching and joint mobalisation. My goal is to unlock your power, provide accountability and help you beleive in yourself.

Our work together starts with a consultation session where we talk about your fitness goals, your fitness history, your health conditions as well as some assessments to record our starting points. After that, we have our first training session where we work at your pace and with your individual needs.

I tailor the sessions to the client’s ability and level to build a solid foundation on which to make steady progress over the sessions. The sessions are always fun with the focus on you and your fitness goals. 

I believe that consistent hard work will pay off, and I aim to help you reach your personal fitness goals. This will contribute to increasing both your confidence and energy along with lowering stress levels which in turn leads to a healthier and happier lifestyle with positive well-being.

‘Fitness is not owned. It’s rented. And you have to pay rent every day’

Personal Training Pay as you go

60 minutes session


Personal Training 5-Sessions

5 x 60 minute session (upfront payment)


Personal Training 10-Sessions

10 x 60 minute session (upfront payment)


signature package

– 20 sessions
– Initial consultation: fitness history, health history, body measurements
– Check ins
– Mindset monitor questionnaire
– Regular reviews
– FREE weekly Hour of Power Fitness class


Nora Your Personal Trainer – “Fitness is a way of life”

Client Testimonials

Nora is so easy to get on with. She planned all exercises to my needs and made it a bit more fun. Nora is very helpful, extremely accommodating, encouraging and motivating. Just after few weeks I started seeing results and noticed I am getting much stronger and toned. My fitness level is probably the best it has ever been and it’s all thanks to Nora!
I am so glad I tried hour of power training with Nora. I find it’s the best workout, 60 min full body workout including stretching. It is great workout for body and mind.
Thank you Nora you improved my fitness .


My journey with Nora started 2 years back when I was suffering a shoulder injury and needed a personal plan for essentially weight loss and toning. These original goals were fully achieved in no time and contributed to the fixing of the injury too. Nora now has me increasing muscle strength and doing exercises that I would never have imagined my composition has completely transformed. Nora’s coaching and oversight ensures that I not only complete the exercise correctly but safely too. I’m really impressed with Nora’s experience and knowledge on all things fitness related, Nora’s techniques are uniquely hers and they work! I especially like the way Nora keeps me focused, realistic and most of all motivated as she takes a real interest in my journey and is so accommodating of my busy working schedule. I highly recommend Nora for PT, she is a true gem and knows what she is talking about !!


Nora is an extremely experienced and knowledgeable personal trainer! Whatever your goals, Nora will help you to get there quick! She has a great training method that is very achievable and that with her lovely personality makes work outs fun – not nasty!

Do not hesitate to train with this professional PT!


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