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The Future of Fitness:

Integrate Mental Wellbeing with
‘Mind in Shape’ Workshops
at Your Gym

Engage, Retain, and Empower Your Members with Expert-Led Mental Wellbeing Sessions

Are you looking to set your gym apart from the competition and provide your members with a truly holistic wellness experience? Look no further than ‘Mind in Shape’ Workshops.

What are ‘Mind in Shape’ Workshops?

  • A series of expertly crafted mental wellbeing group sessions
  • Led by Nora, a qualified Personal Trainer and Counsellor 
  • Tailored to address the unique needs of your gym members 
  • Covering topics such as stress management, anger management, and the body & mind connection

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Why Choose ‘Mind In Shape’ Workshops for Your Gym?

committed to wellbeing

Demonstrate your commitment to your members’ overall wellbeing

Increase Retention

Increase member engagement, retention, and satisfaction

stand out from competitors

Set yourself apart from competitors who focus solely on physical fitness

a valuable addition

Provide a valuable addition to your gym’s offerings

achieve wellness goals

Empower your members to achieve their wellness goals, both physically and mentally

attract non-members

Open your gym to the wider local community and welcome non-members


How Can ‘Mind in Shape’ Workshops Benefit Your Members?

‘Mind in Shape’ Workshops offer your members a unique opportunity to learn practical techniques to help them navigate life’s challenges with greater ease and resilience.

Through these workshops, your members will gain a deeper understanding of the connection between physical and mental health, empowering them to approach their wellness journey holistically.

By participating in ‘Mind in Shape’ Workshops, your members will feel supported and empowered, experiencing a sense of community and belonging within your gym.

This supportive environment, combined with the valuable insights and tools gained from the workshops, will help your members achieve better overall wellness results, both physically and mentally.

Meet Nora: The Visionary Behind
‘Mind in Shape’ Workshops

Nora is a certified Personal Trainer and qualified Counsellor with a unique perspective on the intersection of physical and mental wellbeing. Her years of experience in the fitness industry have sparked a passion for creating a holistic approach to wellness that addresses both the mind and the body.

Through her innovative Mind in Shape Workshops, Nora empowers individuals to understand and nurture the deep connection between their mental and physical wellbeing, providing safe, ethical, and effective support grounded in evidence-based practices.

With Nora’s guidance, your gym can become a true haven for holistic wellness, offering members the tools and support they need to thrive in both body and mind.

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‘Mind in Shape’

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